Je viens d'envoyer ma liste de Noël au Père Noël.

Je voulais aussi un coffre à jouets comme ça →
pour mettre mes nombreuses peluches, mais j'ai vu le prix sur internet alors j'ai décidé d'abandonner l'idée. En plus je pense que je préfèrerais un vrai de vrai, un antique avec un couvercle rond. Enfin, ce sera pour quand je serai plus grande.


En ce moment je me fais tourner 8 CDs de chansons françaises et je dois avouer que j'adore ça !

Je ne suis pas vraiment une vraie fan de la chanson française et je tairais les noms de ceux que je déteste vraiment, mais là, ces albums m'ont sciés ! Que des chansons populaires mais quelles chansons ! D'Edith Piaf à Gainsbourg an passant par Brel et Brassens, je redécouvre un joyau de mon pays.
Finalement quand on est loin de son pays, on se rend plus facilement compte qu'il nous manque quand même. Avec ses défauts mais aussi surtout avec ces jolies choses qui font de la France ce qu'elle est.

Not a bad mood but a tired one. I'm so so tired that this post is taking all my remaining energy. But I decided to write again, so I have to. And this is part of my new beginnings.
I spent the last two days organising my schedule a bit: I have to change many things about how I live now and I have to stop my bad habits and I thought it was the right time. I want to spent more time doing useful things and also things that I like.
Of course, I like being on the computer and just spent my time there but it's no good way to spend my days and I know it. I'm still a lot on it but in between, I do my chores and take pictures and go to work. I think I'm going to have a good share of it all. Hopefully it'll change even more. For the better.

Will take a nap till Santa comes

La fatigue que j'essaye de surmonter (oui, oui, surmonter) en ce moment commence à prendre un nouveau tournant : celui de me terrasser ! Cet après-midi, lorsque je regardais ce que j'allais faire avec mes étudiants, je me suis presque endormie sur mon livre. Et ce soir au resto, j'ai failli tomber de fatigue dans mon assiette.

Ce n'est plus possible, il faut vraiment que je récupère ce sommeil perdu. Et comme vous pouvez voir l'heure, ce n'est pas encore pour aujourd'hui. Demain je travaille assez tôt et je ne peux pas me reposer l'après-midi parce que je dois aller chez le dentiste. J'ai pas enviiiiiiiiiiiiie. Demain soir, on mange chez les parents de Peter alors je ne pense pas qu'on va vraiment se reposer. Et samedi on est de pendaison de crémaillère, alors là, c'est fini ! J'espère ne pas attraper froid non plus parce qu'il fait vraiment très frisqué en ce moment !

J'ai envie d'aller à un concert! Ça me manque, cette ambiance et cette excitation avant le concert. Et de se laisser complètement aller à l'écoute sans penser à ce qui se passe autour de soi.
Pink Funhouse Tour
Je voulais aller voir MUSE et P!nk mais les places sont parties comme des petits pains. C'est vraiment dommage. Je ne loupe jamais un concert de MUSE alors je suis super déçue. Pour P!nk, les places étaient déjà vendues en mai pour novembre, alors j'avais aucune chance d'en trouver à un prix raisonnable.
Mais maintenant je voudrais aller à un petit concert. Avec de la musique que j'aime vraiment.
Je vais aller jeter un petit coup d'oeil ce weekend pour voir ce qui passe de beau.

I take time, a lot of it, to write articles/news, edit pictures and put it all at the right time for everyone to know what I we've been doing lately and no one seems to bother. So why do I bother?
Okay, I'm doing this blog for me too, but mostly for my friends who are far and maybe want to know what's going on... And okay again, maybe English is not your favorite/mother language but come on, there are pictures! You understand the pictures, don't you?
Anyway, I'm upset and shouldn't be. I guess I won't tell anymore that I make updates and just do that for me.
And maybe you didn't even get this... *shrugs*

It's been almost 3 weeks that I have this pain in my hip while I'm laying in bed and it's really annoying because I don't sleep well.
Today is the worse: the pain is so bad that I walk in a weird way and I can't bend otherwise it hurts like hell. I had that kind of problem before but I'm not quite sure it's the same.


Peter & I bought a new chair for the desk to be more comfortable and it's great. Now though I'm spinning a lot with it. And I took a picture to illustrate this article →

We can't see the chair but, you know, it's a normal one, nothing special apart that it's very comfy.

cielardennesToday we went for a road-trip in the Flemish Ardennen. The weather was nice at first, we saw the little mountains that are used for some cyclist competition. I was very impressed by how sloping they are! It's so high and must be so hard.
And suddenly it began to pour like I've never seen before! The wind was so hard and we couldn't see anything anymore and then it began to hail and it was pretty scary. So we stopped and waited a bit.
After awhile, we decided to go again and we saw some more heights. It's funny they are all with cobblestones. We even saw someone climb one of the sloping heights and he did it ALL! I was soooo impressed!
Shortly afterward, the storm stopped and the sky was amazing. I took many pictures because it was truly a beauty of nature.

When we moved to Gent in 2007, we received a map of all the pubs there and BabyLuv & I decided that we'd go to all of them. Unfortunately the map teared when I tried to move it to another wall and I had to throw it away.
Early November this year, I got a new similar map but it pointed all the Gentse restaurants! This was just perfect because we adore going to the restaurant. So we decided to try every restaurant in town. What a challenge! We're on the right track already and we still go to our favorite places often but we like to try a different one now and then.

Tonight we went to a restaurant called Bij den Wijzen en den Zot, which serves Belgian food mostly and which has the best fish Waterzooi, a sort of soup with vegetables and different sorts of fish. It is normally prepared with chicken and it's delicious as well. BabyLuv and I both took it as our main course and we weren't disappointed, it was very yummy!

The decor is really nice: it's in a small old house and there is some old decoration from earlier and the wooden floor is not very straight, which is the bad point cos it's not so comfortable when everyhting is tilted, you included.

Anyway, this is the first article of many more to come. I hope we'll get to go to many different ones to enjoy our city as much as we can.

Hertogstraat 42
9000 Gent

Specialties: Belgian cuisine.
Atmosphere: vintage and poetic.
Service: quick and friendly.
Food: excellent.
Bathroom: clean and outside.

Closed on Sundays & Mondays.

I wanted to say a little more about Louise. She's so cute and funny that I have to share what she does now, at the age of 18 months.
She now can walk and does it pretty well but she also... back-walks! This is hilarious because it really looks like she's doing the famous Moon Walk (invented by Michael Jackson). She doesn't look at all what's behind her and sometimes bump into things or people and then laughs. Really, you should see it, it's soo soo funny!
She also says some words and it's very cute. I had her say the name of her sister and I loved it. It was a very nice feeling. She also copies what we do and then laughs. She's a great laugher. I love it and it makes me laugh as well! She still has her big blue eyes which are so beautiful! I can't stop taking pictures of her.

I wish I could see them all again more often. I miss them and especially don't quite like that I don't se them growing up...

I can't believe how much Gaby, Léna, Louise & Maëlle have grown! I really miss on a lot.
But it was great seeing them again and watch Louise walk and laugh all the time: she's a real clown.
Léna is so nice and kind now, she's matured a lot already. She ask a lot of questions: it's cute.
Gaby changed her hair and it changes her entire face. She's wearing braces again now.
And gosh! Maëlle is already 1 year old! It feel like yesterday when she was so tiny. She's really cute and smiley and she'll probably walk soon.

I really love when I go home and I can see some of my friends but most importantly, Joul.
She's been there all the time, she's never let me down and I'm so happy we can always manage to get together when we get back home. Even if I always tell her way too late!! She's a doll!
We went for a drink this time and talked and took pictures. It was just great. ♥

Today, we're going to see my family again! I'm so happy. I've been waiting for this weekend for months. I haven't seen my Mom in 6 months now! It's a bit too much, to my opinion.
I'm so glad causs she organized a dinner with everybody so I'll really get to see everyone.

Today I spent the afternoon taking pictures of an adorable 6 month-old baby girl, named Louise. It was great. I took a lot of pictures (296) and Louise even fell asleep in my arms. It was sweet. I'm gonna post some pictures on my picture blog soon. Click the image to see more pictures on my photography blog.
louise 019 -signature
I really like doing this and hopefully I'll do it soon again.

I finally went to the hairdresser to get my hair cut and you won't imagine how great it feels (well, you probably do ;). For once, the hairdresser really listened to what I had in mind and did something I wanted. At least he tried. He said my hair was very thick and very heavy. So he wouldn't guarantee the same result as on the picture, but it was pretty close. I'm happy and feel so light now. I loooooove it!
And today I did a color (it costed way too much there). I'm quite happy with the result but I still have to get used to it. I wanted to be a red-head for awhile now so.. voilà !