Put some water to boil and let the spaghetti cook the way you like them.
Cut the oignon in little pieces, then the salmon.
In a pan, melt some butter and add the oignon. Let it brown.
Add the salmon, let it cook then add the seafood.
It’ll become a little watery, don’t worry: add the vegetables, they’ll cook in the sauce.
Add two spoons of cream and one spoon of tomato puree. Stir.
Let it cook for another 3min.


First put the spaghetti in a nice dish or if you have one, in a spaghetti dish. Then pour the mixture on top of it.


I think I know some of the most adorable, kind, generous, lovely, incredible, talented people there is on Earth.

Kalea is one of them and I'm forever grateful to call her a friend: she's beautiful, has the most lovely heart, she does amazing make-up/hairdo, she's so talented in photography. Even those words are too simple to qualify her. I should invent beautiful word to describe her wonderful being.

Today was such a horrible day until I came to the mail box to find not only one but two letters from my dear friends Kitty and Thais. This made me so happy and it changed my day around completely!

Thais sent me this beautiful card with a little kitten in it and Kitty sent me a beautiful letter & a light blue headband. I looove it! It's PERFECT!