Today lieverd and I had a huge fight over money.

I spent a lot the last month on ridiculous things and the bill was a bit higher than I normally allow myself to spend. He didn't understand and I got upset because he was right. I know I should be more careful and this definitely shows that I'm not quite ready for a responsible life. I'm being stubborn of course and this makes it even worse.

He also mentioned my laziness: I'm not doing much in the house anymore. The laundry pile is huge, the washing is not done, he has to cook when he comes home even if I spent the whole day at home, I didn't even bother vacuuming. This is the worse I've ever been. And again, I know he's right and so I start a fight.

Today, lieverd was pretty mean. But it sure worked its way to my brain this time. That kick did the trick alright. I have to be better.



Cut the oignon in little pieces.
In a pan, melt some butter and add the oignon. Let it brown.
Add the minced beef, add the salt & pepper.
Put the mixture in your lasagna dish. Lay a lasagna sheet on top. Add a little cream on top.
Slice the tomatoes thin, put them on the sheet, add the mushrooms too.
Lay another lasagna sheet. Add a little cream on top.
Slice the eggplant thin.
In your pan, add some water and olive oil. Wait for it to be very hot. Cook the eggplant in it. Let the eggplant turn a little brown. Put them in the dish too. Add another sheet and a little cream.
Put your grated cheese all over.

Serve warm!

p.s. Put the dish in the center of the oven, otherwise your cheese will be too cooked, like mine.