dream walk in a park filled with beautiful huge trees,
discover architecture of all wonderful sorts,
travel in many kind of ways,
look up and see the prettiest flowers,
have the pleasure to witness the most beautiful sunsets.

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Lieverd and I just talked about having a baby.

It was nice. We talked about lots of aspects: money, freedom, education, etc. We have the same ideas, we want the same things as for now.

I think he's almost ready but not quite. I thought I was completely ready until he told me we could start trying having a baby in the summer. I almost panicked!!! This is so weird! Or maybe not. It puts my priorities in place, I guess. I just feel so lots. I don't know anymore. I know I will be so happy to have a mini-us but at the same time, I'm pretty afraid too.

One of lieverd's friends is going to have a baby.
You know, the one who only thinks about her career and never talks about baby or anything of the sort, because she gets bored.
Though, I don't know her enough to be sure that they weren't planning it for a long time. But seeing her behavior, I would never think that she'd get pregnant before me.

Of course, I'm happy for her, for them. They are one of the cutest couples I know.
But this blog is about me and now I'm disappointed and feel pretty terrible that another woman I know is going to have a baby while I'm not.

What makes it even worse is that lieverd doesn't quite understand my reaction, probably because he's not ready yet.


J'ai eu le plaisir d'avoir Emi (une amie et collègue de travail) à la maison pour le thé.
On s'est bien amusé: on a parlé de tout et de rien et on a mangé de délicieuses petites tartelettes et des biscuits. C'est vraiment génial d'avoir des amis à la maison ! C'est sûr, ça va devenir une habitude dans notre nouvelle maison.

I've had the pleasure to have one of my friends and colleague, Emi for tea today.
We had a great time talking about everything and anything eating delicious tiny pies and biscuits. This is so great having friends over! I'll definitely want that in our new home.

Vandaag had ik had het plezier om een van mijn vrienden en collega, Emi te hebben voor thee.
We hebben een geweldige tijd gehad: we hebben over van alles gepraat en we hebben lekkere taartjes en koekjes gegeten. Het is zo gezellig wanneer vrienden hier zijn! Ik wil het zeker meer doen in ons nieuwe huis.