Aujourd'hui, pendant mon cours, mon élève s'est mis à parler de problèmes personnels qui dans son cas, sont très sérieux. Je ne sais pas ce qui l'a poussé à se dévoiler devant moi ni pourquoi ses paroles se sont mises à couler comme une plaie ouverte, mais je suis certaine que son coeur est reparti plus léger. Cette personne m'a beaucoup touchée dans son récit et je n'ai posé que très peu de questions et je l'ai écouté se confier dans une simplicité totale: pas de jugement, juste deux oreilles. Bien sûr, je ne pouvais pas rester de marbre devant un récit si dramatique et même si parfois, je me posais intérieurement des questions sur tel ou tel point, je ne lui offrais qu'un sourire chaleureux et rassurant.
S'excusant plusieurs fois de se dévoiler ainsi, mon élève s'est également étonné de se laisser aller si 'facilement' avec une personne inconnue, vue pour la première fois.

Je me suis posé cette question plusieurs fois déjà parce que cette personne n'est pas la première personne qui se divulgue à moi: pourquoi ces personnes me parlent-elle? Je pense qu'elles ont besoin de parler et de sentir rassurées et aussi d'avoir une vue extérieure sur leur problème ou conflit. Je pense que c'est un moyen d'évacuer quelque chose qui nous 'détruit' intérieurement et que l'on a du mal à laisser sortir... Je me demande parfois pourquoi cela ne se passe qu'avec moi, je ne sais pas si d'autres personnes ont déjà eu cette expérience, si il y a vraiment une façon de réagir, si on doit tout arrêter ou jouer le rôle de la confidente.
Cela ne me dérange pas que ces personnes se sont dévoilées à moi, bien au contraire et en plus si ces elles s'expriment en français pendant leur cours de français, c'est parfait. Mais y a-t-il une limite dans la vocalisation de nos histoires personnelles? Je pense moi-même l'avoir déjà fait une fois, mais j'étais tellement émotive que je ne pense pas que cela recommencera. Je me suis sentie si vulnérable et je pense que mon interlocuteur n'était pas très à l'aise non plus, alors cela m'a rendue aussi mal à l'aise.

Je ne sais pas si cela a un rapport mais une chose similaire arrive lorsque j'ai des enfants dans les bras: ils s'endorment. Je vous assure, c'est magique. Autant pour moi que pour les parents d'ailleurs! Je suis sûre que ma poitrine dodue en est la cause réelle (c'est comme un oreiller confortable, non?) mais le sentiment d'un petit être (parfois inconnu) dormant dans mes bras est très plaisant, très rassurant pour moi aussi.

I'm not sleeping well lately, I have a hard time falling asleep and I'm awake a few times a night. I'm kind of tired (what an irony!) of this bad pattern my sleep is taking.
Last night, same scenario but this morning I couldn't get out of bed, like it was still night time and I needed more sleep. I think I pushed myself to get up around 11am. And I know that when I sleep too much, I'm more tired, I'm less enthusiastic and less productive.
Tomorrow is kinda busy but tonight with BabyLuv's help, I made a to-do list for the whole week. He said: "I'll be happy if you can do half of it!". He knows me too well... I'm going to try and make him proud.

I have to admit I can't resist lovely things, it may be furniture, babies, clothes or anything, I'm just too soft. (Of course I don't go stealing babies or buying everything I see!).

I'm always reading Miss James blog and I love how it looks and how she puts her life out there and how you can read her wonderful love for her children through her writing and pictures. I even discovered a few interesting matters in her blog but I've never been to her shop so I decided to go today and I found the loveliest ladles there are. A plus: they're GREEN! And I bought them! Of course I did, aren't they the prettiest? And I love that they're made out of ceramic, wood and metal! NO PLASTIC! I'm just the happiest girl in the world right now.

p.s. 2012/01/21

I'm using the cups a lot during cooking: I measure how much rice we'll need, I'll use them to add some water in the cooking pan or to bake. They're super handy for anything, I love them so much. I think this is one of the best purchases I've made for our kitchen. And it goes super well there too:
green cups - bleubird

  • Putting down this huge pile of clothes while watching the recent movies I added on the digibox.
  • Send the cards I wrote a few weeks ago.
  • Send the birthday cards to my family.
  • Clean up the kitchen and prepare tonight's meal.
  • Prepare a celebration for our 6 months in our new home.
I hope I can do most of it before I have to go back to work at 6 pm. I have 3 hours, I should be able to make it. I'm going to start with the kitchen, since it's not too bad and then I'll get the cards/letters so I don't forget them when I go to work and just after that I'm going to do the ironing since it's the hugest part. Maybe I'll wach some One Tree Hill (season 3)...

It's funny how sometimes you find yourself being so motivated to do everything on your to-do list. This weekend had clearly been productive and enjoyable: I cooked three times (which is rare during the weekend since I usually don't want to do much) and I 'Spring'-cleaned the bathrooms and main bedroom.

I made some waffles,

I created new sandwiches

IMG_3976 IMG_3977
and I made boursin zucchini soup.
IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3980

And our bedroom looks really nice with these new sheets matching our nightstand lamp BabyLuv's mother gave us.

photos to come
I have to say, I'm pretty proud of what I've done today, it gives me confidence that I can truly motivate myself to do things. I just hope it's just not one of those periods... But I believe the satisfaction it gave me will be more powerful than my laziness.

Today I decided I wanted to make some waffles.
That was a pretty yummy idea!

The recipe is quite simple and it really only takes about 10 minutes to make the batter. I used this recipe (in French). Then the wait is the hardest part since you have to let it pose for at least an hour. (better get up early if you plan on making them in the morning!).

Then goes the cooking part:
IMG_3915 IMG_3917 IMG_3918

And finally the creativity before the tummy's shout out for them:

I don't quite remember how we came up with this, but I remember being hysterically laughing and I couldn't stop laughing so hard that you can actually see tears in my eyes. This was a great evening: we ate some real Belgian fries by the water and talked about everything. I love when my family comes over.
funny facesfunny faces
funny facesfunny faces
funny facesfunny faces
funny facesfunny faces
funny facesfunny faces
funny facesfunny faces

I was so disappointed this morning when my periods showed up.

During our lovely vacations, we made love so many times and still nothing. I know I shouldn't be disappointed or anything of the sort but I really was and it was so hurtful. I don't really know if I'm totally ready but this kinda proves that I am, doesn't it?

At first I didn't want to tell lieverd about it but I eventually did and he was very kind. He's not disappointed and I guess that made me a little less disappointed too.

I'm a little bit sad because I found a picture lieverd took of me in Lindos, Rhodos (Greece) where the wind blew my tunic and it looks like I'm 8 months pregnant. I cried when I discovered it the first time while chatting with my lil' sis. It's kinda funny to see what you'd look like if you're pregnant. I liked it. But it makes my heart ache a little too right now.