Peter et moi étions un peu malade aujourd'hui mais c'était également le jour où nous avions décidé de construire le nouveau lit pour la deuxième chambre.
On a fini par se reposer devant la télé après la visite d'Emi et une bonne dose d'aspirine.
Puis vers 17h, nous nous sommes sentis mieux alors on a décidé de s'y attaquer. Peter étant plus en forme que moi, il a commencé le tri des petites pièces. Lorsque je l'ai rejoint, il avait déjà tout mis en tas, c'était vraiment chouette. Ensuite, j'ai lu les instructions pendant qu'il vissait les parties ensemble. Il est vraiment fort à ça, moi, je n'y arrive pas bien, je n'ai pas assez de muscles ! ha ! C'était un vrai travail d'équipe, on était super fiers! On a construit les deux grosses parties en 2h environ.
p.s. Peter a assemblé les tiroirs le dimanche matin pendant que je dormais. Il est chou !

Peter and I were a little sick today but it was also the day we decided to build the new bed for the guest/babyroom.
We ended up sitting in front of the TV after the visit of Emi (I love when she comes to pur place, we have the best of times!) and a healthy dose of aspirin.
Then around 5pm, we felt better so we decided to tackle it. Peter was feeling better than me, so he began sorting the small parts. When I joined him, he had already put everything in piles, it was really neat. Then I read the instructions while he screwed the parts together. He is really strong for that, I can't do it well, I don't have enough muscles! ha! It was a real team effort, we were super proud! We built the two large parts in about 2 hours.
p.s. Peter assembled the drawers on Sunday morning while I was still asleep. He is adorable!

Peter en ik waren een beetje ziek vandaag, maar het was ook de dag dat we hadden besloten om de nieuwe bed voor de tweede kamer te bouwen.
We eindigden zittend voor de tv na het bezoek van Emi en een gezonde dosis aspirine.
Dan, rond 17u, voelden we ons beter dus we begonnen met de bouw van de meubels. Peter was beter in vorm dan ik, dus begon hij het sorteren van kleine onderdelen. Toen ik kwam, had hij al alles in stapelen, het was echt leuk. Dan las ik de instructies terwijl hij geschroefd de onderdelen bij elkaar. Het was een echte teamprestatie, we waren super trots op! We hebben de twee grote delen in 2 uur gebouwd.
p.s. Peter heeft de lades op zondagochtend verzameld terwijl ik sliep. Hij is zo schattig!

Ce que ça donne :
The end result:
Eindresultaat :
I have more pics from my camera to come later.

I had a pumpkin fever this past weeks. I bought three huge pieces of pumpkin to cook. I intended in doing only pumpkin soup but I ended up making also chocolate chip (more like sprinkles) pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie.
Here are the snapshots from my iPhone. Will post the recipes and pictures later.

We spend the afternoon at BabyLuv's grandma and she has two huge cats (9 kilos each!) and Brother, the male, is usually not nice at all and scratches and bites. But I guess today he was tired and he didn't even try to do us any harm, even though BabyLuv and his dad were pestering him.
I pet him for as long as I could. He was so soft and so kind that I couldn't stop even when my eyes started itching. It was such a treat to be near him and hear him breathe and purr.
Lady is calmer but also really scared of people. When you come too fast next to her, she rushes out! When you're more careful, she's still scared and she probably thinks about her options to escape but then when you show her that you don't want to hurt her or anything, she lets you pet her and she even ask for more, but like a shy little girl.


We won't have a cat for now. We're both allergic and BabyLuv is afraid they're going to destroy everything. But as soon as we have children and a house, we will.

Today was very nice.

First I had an early class with somebody very honest and straight forward who has quite a family story. It was really nice talking with her and getting to know her. It was her first French class with me.

Then I had to go home to get a shower because I still felt tired and I know showers always boost me. But my hair is a pain at the moment. I think I can't take its length anymore, it's so messy and I always tie them up, leaving them no space to breathe. I definitely need to do something soon otherwise my temper will break again.

Today was the day I was meeting my good friend Karina. She's such a sweetheart and so generous and helpful and happy and a super mommy.
But she moved a few months back and I didn't know where she lived exactly and I didn't have time to check on the Internet before leaving. So, of course, bien sûr, I got  LOST! I think I made the same route about 4 times and I got so upset and tired. Yes, I cried a little. Getting lost isn't fun at all.
Still, I finally got there. 1 hour late. If not an hour and a half.
Her new house is so cute and lovely, I love how it's made and I love how they decorated it. I should have taken pictures. Probably next time.

So after a tour of her home, she prepared lunch while I drank some warm strawberry tea. We talked so much, it's unbelievable how at ease I feel when I'm around her. She's so kind and such a great listener. Plus she gives great advice.

When it was time for her to pick her big boy, I left to go get some errands. I went to the electronic store to get an extra external hard drive (you're never too careful with losing pictures). Next to the store, there is a shoe store, but I didn't find anything special. So I went to the next store: there they sell all you need for the office. I bought a 2012 agenda, pens to write on my Christmas cards, a simple notepad and a tiny one + some other things.

I was in serious need of sweaters and warmer pants so I got to yet the next store. I found some jeans and a lot of cardigans: real sweaters don't seem to fit me. Well that's not it, I feel really ugly and I don't like to show the extras pounds I have on my belly. That's the real story. I also found a beautiful silk blouse and a lovely dress. We have a family dinner this Sunday, I don't know which one I'll wear...

I'm ending the day with my all-time favorite series 7th Heaven and I'll probably watch a movie after this post is done. Though I'm kinda tired. Maybe I'll watch an episode of Bones, House M.D. or Lie To Me.

I'm a little sad because I once more killed another one of my plants...

I know I don't have the green finger but still, I take care of the plants most of the time.
Ok this time, I wanted to put this branch in the twirling holder and bent it too hard so it broke, but come on... I think I've killed about 5 to 6 plants already!
My friend, Cecelia, gave me a beautiful pepper plant and I kept it alive for two years... but I'm pretty sure it's dead now, it's all brown and not as 'happy' as the plant shop says... I love this plant and I'm still hoping to bring it back to life, but it's been unhappy for a little while...
Maybe I should take lessons or something!

I don't know what's going on but it seems that everybody around me is having babies or getting pregnant. I feel so overwhelmed by all these pregnancies. I feel betrayed.

But I can't feel like this. I'm 29 going on 30. It's that time of life: people are having babies and assure their line of descent. It's the age of changing a couple's life to a family's life.

I guess I feel that it's not fair: my grandma had 8 children (and the mother of my dad had 6, I think) and my Mom had 7 children. My big sister already has 2 and so does my big brother. What's wrong with me, for goodness's sake?

She sent me a huge package with loads of beautiful and cute stuff!
She wrapped all of them so neatly I almost didn't want to tear them up.
(Did I tell you my dream job was to be wrapping paper when I was 2?)
Here are the things she sent me:
I'm so grateful for her: she's been here no matter what, no matter how far I was, no matter how much trouble I was in, no matter how happy, scared, desperate, funny I was. She's here, just around the corner to make me feel better and joyful and happier.
And when she does things like that, I can only be the happiest friend on Earth!

Ma Joul, je t'aime de tout mon coeur!

Je viens d'envoyer un email à toute ma famille pour qu'ils viennent fêter notre pendaison de crémaillère en famille.
J'attends leurs réponses, ça me rend nerveuse... Ils ne sont encore jamais venus, sauf Just, cet été, et j'espère qu'ils vont sauter sur l'occasion.
Je sais que je m'y suis prise un peu trop tard, mais j'espère sincèrement qu'ils feront l'effort nécessaire pour venir. C'est quand même pour eux que l'on fait ça.

Affaire à suivre...

Steve Jobs poster
Click through the picture to go on the site where I bought this poster. Unfortunately, they are not selling this piece anymore.

When I found out Steve Jobs passed away, I felt kinda lost for a moment.
You'll ask, 'But why? You don't even know him!'. No I don't.

But it's not because you don't know someone that it doesn't affect you in a certain way.
When one of my friends' mother died earlier this year, I cried so much even though I've never met her: I cried because my friend was in pain and I could relate to what she was going through and I didn't want to go through this and because she's so dear to me.

Steve Jobs made me realize a few great things over the past years: he was a strong believer of creating your own happiness, he was a genius who changed the life of millions with his creations, he always gave great pieces of advice, he was always looking for something more, something greater, something stronger. He always had meaningful comments and sayings.
He also made me realize how easier life was when you put things into perspective and how you influence your lifestyle with little useful things such as organisation, taking one thing at a time, thinking bigger than the box or the majority.

Thanks to the products he designed, I could really focus on what I love and how I conduct my everyday life. It just made it manageable and uncomplicated. I now use an iMAc and an iPhone and everything is just less demanding: I can set everything together and never forget an appointment or a date or something I really have to do. I can list the books I want to read, the place I want to see, the movies I want to watch in one device and not on thousands of papers (even though I love paper, but I love trees even more!) that I'd lose the next day.

Here's one of his quotes I like:

live your own life
R.I.P. Steve Jobs and thank you for all that you've done for us.

Not in the way that they know your name or age or who you are because of another person, but who you are deep inside, where you are so vulnerable, your deep self, but you never put it in words because then, it's really what defines you and you may not want it.

He's a sensitive man, he's got something that is a true gift: he can 'read' people at first sight. He has this little something you want to trust but that you fear at the same time... Is it honesty? Is it justness? Is it veracity? Is it that confidence you lost but he can somehow push back on to you? Is it that constructivism that you need to hear? I don't know. I just knew that this afternoon will be emotionally considerable for me.

IMG_1774We started off casually, he talked about his job and I'd ask a question now and then. then he'd get more precise and talked about personal matters. And then, he tells me, even though I knew, what he's up to.
And he tells me who I am and I become unstable, and tears come to my eyes and I can't stop them, because this is who I am. And he knew. He did.
How can a stranger read you so perfectly? How does he know all that he knows? I know we talked for some time before I asked him but still, he said his first impression wasn't from today but from that time I made waffles for the children...
I can't remember his exact words, I was too overwhelmed and out of my mind but I wish I could, just so I could say this to myself too.

He told me he knew my other self, you know, that person who is just like you somewhere in the world, who is somehow your twin without any family connection but who is acting and being just like you. He will 'present' her to me some other time. And I wonder...

This was such a beautiful, relaxing and loving day.

6 years ago, Peter gave me a beautiful kiss by his car. I still remember everything about this moment, it's written in my heart with indelebile love.

Today, we spent one of the most beautiful days we've ever had. It was nothing special, nothing extraordinary and quite simple but I believe that's why we loved it so much. It was just us two, enjoying the beautiful weather, talking about memories, relaxing on the beach, eating outside, having a delicious ice-cream and visiting the cutest little town.

BabyLuv told me sweet words and kissed me softly every time I reminded us of one lovely memory. I kissed him back and let him sleep on my lap at the beach. We held hands while walking on the beach among the seagulls and children building sand castles, while walking in the little streets filled with little houses in Damme, while sitting on the bench contemplating the church and the statues by Charles Delporte, while walking home and being so happy at how the day went.

I'm so happy we took that day off, together and spend quality time together. It felt like forever when we just enjoyed each others company like this. It was great for us.

Without a single thought, two hands collide and the world finally makes sense again.
~Kayla Dawn