My sister got a job! Hooray for her! I can't be more proud of her.

Just travail

She's been struggling to get her diploma in a school that uses fb and bad blogs to discriminates the ones who have a hard time and thus violating privacy policies and let the students fail. I've never been so angry as how much they let her down but I knew she would get pass all this crap and do something great.

And now she does: she's working in a family business in the field she studied. She's doing lots of different things so it keeps her interested.

Just travail

Today we came to see her at the shop and I was impressed at how good she's doing her job. She's patient, professional and smiling at all her clients. She clearly loves what she does and I think she was very happy to see us. She's quick and efficient in her tasks, I can't say it enough, but I'm so proud of her.


That was a true gift to see her work today. My heart is smiling at the thought of her.

Just travail

I think it's going to be the first time we actually manage to leave early. This means we'll arrive early and I'll be able to finally enjoy being in the company of my family again. I. JUST. CAN'T. WAIT.
At this time of year, I need to be with my family and celebrate the end of the December together. Even though a tragedy occurred during that periode, we try to make it as bright as merry as can be and really get in the Spirit of Christmas.

Have a very merry Christmas!

  • I've been cranky and I don't like that.
  • I've been tired and won't rest even though I know it's necessary.
  • I've done a lot of ironing and organising and washing clothes and I'm proud and I really hope I'll put in the effort more often, it's rewarding.
  • I've been feeling sad for a few days now and I feel like I really need my Mom.
  • When BabyLuv told me we wouldn't go to my family's today, I put him through a pretty hard time because I really need to see my family. NOW. (and I'm sorry).
  • I want more in life. I need to make things happen, nobody else can.
  • I think I need an adventure. Our trip home will probably do the trick.
  • I'm ready for a change.


I watched this beautiful and lovely movie called Will You Merry Me? and I thought that even though it was cheesy, it was also a good reminder of what love could be.

Rebecca and Hank are from very different backgrounds: Henry is mid-Western, Christian and corn-fed; Rebecca is a sophisticated Jewish city girl. As Thanksgiving approaches, Henry finally pops the question. Rebecca says yes, and the two couldn't be happier. But the road to happiness must have some potholes, as first they must meet each other's families. It's time to meet the parents during two important religious holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, as not only must our couple go through the natural anxiety-filled process of meeting the in-laws, but also go through the stress of immersing each other into two very different families, with very different holiday traditions.
I loved how the families get together and how so much love is shared even in the hardest times. The female cast was pretty awesome. I also really enjoyed learning about the different traditions and festivities.

Winter has arrived and the freezing cold makes me want to drink Christmas tea with Emi, cuddle on the sofa with BabyLuv, decorate our home with lots of beautiful Christmas decoration, listen to Christmas songs and go Christmas shopping.

welcoming winter

I've actually already done all of the above and it all puts me in such a lovely mood. Now I would love to go and get our Christmas tree with BabyLuv so that its fragrance would fill the living-room and I'll have BabyLuv dance with me while we decorate the tree. And I'll start putting the little presents I've been wrapping today under it.

Christmas makes me so happy and I can't even explain this beautiful feeling in words...

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a beautiful Winter scenery: Ghent turned white during the night and it looked so beautiful.
It's been snowing quite a lot these past few days and it makes me feel so happy and serene: the white rooftops, the majestic snowflakes, the cold that makes you want to cuddle up and drink hot chocolate or tea, the feeling of coziness and relaxation...
Has Winter arrived in your part of the world?

Today was Saint Nicolas holiday, here in Belgium.

It's a cute holiday for children but I decided to make it a cute holiday for BabyLuv. I hid his presents in the underwear drawer where I knew he wouldn't look the day before but would the first thing in the morning after his shower.

very blurry picture of BabyLuv discovering his presents

Though it didn't quite go as I expected... He opened the drawer, took his underwear and closed the drawer. I was kinda "shocked" that he didn't even noticed there was something in there (it was pretty obvious). So I told him to open the drawer again and then he saw the presents. He was surprised and I could see that he didn't expect it at all.

But he was definitely happy about it and went on and read the card that I bought from this lovely and creative person, Lesley. It says "You fog my spectacles". I love it! Especially because we both got new glasses a few weeks ago and they kinda look great. And this man can rock his glasses pretty greatly!

It's funny because I wasn't sure about the DVD but he told me it was great and he loved the card so much that it made my heart burst with happiness. And I really think this Saint Nicolas chocolate figurine is pretty cute and will be delicious. I hope he'll share... ;)

My HipstaPrint 7

Watching A Single Man has really got me thinking about how I was living my life and how I was treating the things I have and how I was doing in my own love story.

The emotions and feelings put you in a whirlwind and when you wake up, you feel dizzy and engulfed in a new life that you thought was not possible. Colin Firth plays one of his best roles. I can say he's become one of my favorite actors.

I've been wearing a lot of blue lately. It is my favorite color.

It also makes me feel safe and calm. Blue has always been an important part of my wardrobe. In my teenage years, I used to wear a lot of blue clothes, I wouldn't go out without at least one piece that was blue.

I remember in college, I once went to the doctor and she told me that I should keep wearing this light blue cardigan (that I adored) because it really suited me very prettily. I was surprised byt this statement but I'm pretty sure I still have this cardigan somewhere in a box.
I also remember that I was wearing that cardigan on some of my most precious and best pictures of myself during my time in Germany at my good friend, Brigitte's wedding + New Year's Eve.

What is your favorite color? Or which color makes you feel different?



This weekend was full of unexpected events, some bad, some great.
I'm going to write about one bad but I'm not going to be complaining (so much).

I fell yet again from my bike.


I don't know what it is with me and bikes but it seems that I have some sort of curse:
When I was about 8, my lovely white bike broke in two, right in the middle, while I was riding it.
When I was about 12, I wanted to do just like my brother who  just went through a 90° angle and went right down... the field. I was so in shock I couldn't move for a moment.
When I was 16, I almost fell but could find my balance again but hurting myself because I took my Mom's bike which was a man's bike. Ouch! I also wanted to get into our tiny pathway with the bike and scratched all my left hand fingers. Ouch again!
Just last Summer, we were riding our bikes in Limburg, Belgium and we were looking at how beautiful the nature was and we slowed down and I couldn't avoid the biker in front of me and fell (I have to admit that I was trying to take a picture and ended up with my right hand really high up so I wouldn't break my iPhone. Since then I bought a lifeproof case).
And so this time, I got stuck in a tram rail.

I've been afraid it would happen but I managed not to get too close to the tram rail or to completely avoid them or to cross them in such a certain way that the wheels of my bike wouldn't get stuck. But we went to this street (that I've never been to before) and the street is so narrow that you have to pass the tram rails.

I got stuck once but could get out real quick without any trouble but then I was scared (and I was tired) and got stuck again without being able to get out of it. And fell.
I really hurt myself this time and started to cry (mostly because I was afraid of the cars behind us) and asked BabyLuv to take the bike away from me. I couldn't walk properly and was all wet. My left feet hurt terribly as I tried to walk and my right calf was pouncing pretty hard. I took a look at my legs and saw it was nothing bad so we went on to go to the restaurant, but I wouldn't ride my bike.

I think I won't take that street with my bike ever again and I'll also be 100 times more careful. I heard some of my colleagues talk about it (falling off because of the tram tracks) but I'd never thought that it'd be that scary.
Later on, I came across the image below and thought about how ironic it was. I think this was very accurate. LOL!



Jeroen Meus & I - Antwerpen boekenbeurs 2012

As much as I love books and cooking, when I went to Antwerp's annual "boekenbeurs" I didn't expect to meet my favorite chef,  Jeroen Meus (who happened to have written his 4th cooking book).

jeroen meus boekenbeurs
What I like the most about the way he cooks is that it's accessible to anyone, whether you know how to cook or you're a total beginner, his explanations are always very easy to follow and he really makes it fun to try new things.
varkensgebraad - jeroen meus
His books are written in the same fun and easy-to-follow way as his program, Dagelijkse Kost, that I try to follow every week or so (I love that they put a big review on Sundays). I love that he takes you to other culinary cultures as much as regional cooking and most importantly that the ingredients are always in season.
Thanks to him, I learned to cook Belgian famous meals (that my mother-in-law cooks deliciously) like "Stoofvlees", "Varkensgebraad" and "Balletjes in tomatensauce" and I love learning about where all this cooking comes from. Here's to many more "lekker" recipes and great evening of cooking! 
dagelijkse kost books - jeroen meusdagelijkse kost 1-2-3-4dagelijkse kost - jereon meus

I'm not sure how to think about the past couple of weeks: I've been feeling under the weather but I'm not unhappy. I've been nibbling but I also ate pretty healthy food. I grew my finger nails but can't stop biting at the skin around it. I've been wanting to do something with my hair but I don't want to cut it.


I guess I can say I'm being confused and confusing. I think I just need to stop for a moment and think about what I really want to do. At least for the last two months of this year. I have so many projects I want to start and I'm being such a lazy head that I haven't started any and always find an excuse. This has to stop.

I think I can say that I'm fed up with how I treat myself. I need a good kick. Not from anyone else, but from me. I need to change the things I don't like in my everyday life. And I'm the only one who can do that. I'm not going to start tomorrow, I'm going to start today (and writing on my blog is something I love and should do more often, so here goes).

It is also funny, when I think about it, how much I said that on my blog: "I should change", "I'm going to change", "Next week i'll do that". It never lasts very long and it's very disappointing. Someone told me once that it only takes 21 days to turn a bad habit into a good one. Let's see how I'll do.


Day 28: Do you dream? What do you dream about?

I actually dream a lot.

Most of the time it comes from the book I've read, the movie I've seen before bed or how my day went but all mixed together in an absurd but wonderful way.
Sometimes those dreams would be fantasy turning into thriller turning into romance turning into something that could be real. And it often freaks me out when it involves people I know in real life because most of the time, it looks like a thriller than a romance.
I'm pretty sure some of my dreams could make a great book or movie. hahaha


Day 25: What did you want to do when you grew up?

I think I was around 2 when I decided I wanted to be "wrapping paper" when I grew up. I told my Mom I wanted to be "wrapping paper" because people were always happy when they teared it off to discover their presents.

When I was older I started to want to be a teacher. The teaching subject often changed but the teaching part didn't. I'm glad I'm doing it now.


Today BabyLuv and I went out for lunch with Emi and I wanted to finish on a sweet note so after taking a little walk around town, we headed to MAX, where you're supposed to eat the most delicious waffles of Ghent.


Even though I enjoyed being with my two best friends, I have to say that I was not impressed by the waffle. I was kinda disappointed to tell you the truth: it didn't really taste anything and this kind of sugar is not really my favorite. I was actually more impressed byt the new 'sheep house' and the decoration of the restaurant.




Emi got a new hair cut and it looks so lovely. I love how it's new and trendy and different.
Peter actually had his hair done too. Now it's my turn...