Ma petite soeur m'a offert un joli calendrier 'zen' pour Noël.
J'adore !
Elle m'a avoué avoir hésité entre Mam, France (notre grande soeur) et moi.
Il y a donc quelques sous-entendus. hahaha
En tout cas, je le trouve très inspirant et vraiment joli.
J'ai essayé quelques-unes de leurs astuces et ça marche !
Les citations sont aussi souvent apaisantes pour l'âme.
Vous pouvez voir toutes les photos sur mon Instagram.

I've been working a lot in Antwerp these past few weeks.
To my pleasure I can see one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture when I go there: the train station.
I don't know much about its history but I think I'm going to buy a book because it fascinates me so much: it's huge, a great mix of modern and older architecture, it's welcoming and warm and it's very clean. Plus, it's just next to the zoo! Yay!
What I love the most about this place is the feeling of importance and strength you get just looking at it: you have to stop and look around, the details in each room is impressive and wonderful. The part they added is really modern but it goes so well with the actual building. It's really long, reminding is of how high the main room is.
I really love the tones in the stones, I love the different clocks you see, I love the beautiful stairs and the lovely upstairs windows.
If you ever go in Belgium and you like architecture, it's a must! This piece of art is monumental and you'll be in awe for a long while...

Last weekend, we went shopping during the sales. I love it when it's BabyLuv's idea, it means we will have fun! Not that I don't have fun otherwise, but he doesn't like going shopping so much so I know I have to take this opportunity to make the best out of it.

We had to go to Aalst to get a ticket for a Carnaval party where he was going that night and so he decided it'd be easier to shop there.
We went to my favorite home decor boutique there. We looked through the beautiful things there and found a lovely wine bottles holder and a lovely jam jar.

My favorite jam is quince jelly, the one my Mom makes especially. It's delicious! there were different design for the jar: one with strawberries, another one with plums, another one with oranges... Of course I chose the one with pears.


I was still wearing my summer trainers until the end of december and I began to feel the cold  go right through them. It was time to get winter shoes!
We had to go to France to get my car fixed and there are a few of my favorite shops not far from the garage. BabyLuv doesn't like shopping at all so we went directly to the shoe shops I knew.
I knew exactly what I wanted: boots, not too high, warm, strong, waterproof, different from what I see in Ghent. At first it wasn't easy, low boots are not as good looking. We went to three different store and in the second one, I found the perfect low boots! They were GREEN! My dream come true!
Thing was, they were also in suede and you really have to take good care of this material otherwise, you won't even make the season (especially during Winter). Since I'm a lazy bones, I hesitated... until the saleswoman came and took them from me and went to the cashier, without even me saying that I really wanted them.
I guess it was easier then, since I finally took them. She gave me products and non-slip soles to go with them. I was all set! She made the decision for me! But I don't regret it.
All pictures taken with Hipstamatic.

IMG_6948I'm getting sick again.
Nobody likes it and neither do I: it feels so powerless and seems to always be coming by at the wrong time.

I'm not sure what is going on with me but with 6 little cold sores, I'm up for something bad. Normally it's the starting point. Then the sickness starts to hit me bad until I can't take it anymore and have to go to the doctor and stop working so I can slow down and rest.

I really hope it's not too bad cause I need to work. I love my job and since lately there's not so much of it, I'd take what I can get. Getting out of the house is really energizing and rewarding, even though I'm a real homebody.

I've just fell in love with an artist today.

It's been a while since my last crush, but this one is seriously taking my breath away and I want to order every single creation she makes.

Sandra Dieckmann is a London based illustrator. Her world is made of pure beauty and her illustrations are so beautifully handmade and carefully colored. I love the details she puts in every drawing and I love her style. Her work is very colorful and also very calming. The tones are always perfect with one another and her creativity is extraordinary. Her art is everything I could imagine in my dreams and everything I'd love to draw myself if I could.

I already ordered three prints from her Etsy shop but I'm pretty sure that won't be it: a art-love story has just began.

Here's what I chose, don't they look gorgeous?
Can't wait to put them up.