We got up not very early but not too late either: we know that you have to be on time if you want the best for breakfast in a hotel.
Breakfast was delicious and very versatile: from all the different kinds of cooking an egg to many different tastes of jam, all sorts of fruits and yoghurts and a lot of various sweet and savory delicacies.

We took a tour of the hotel and spotted the spa, it looked so cozy and welcoming. The hotel also has a little café, a lounge bar and a restaurant. when we got around, everything was closed but we could enter and I took a few pictures of the lovely café.

We went back to our room and I think that we were tired and kinda sick today: I slept for about 2 hours while BabyLuv watched some tv and read his magasine. We wanted to see the city but when we got outside, it was pouring and it really felt like it wouldn't stop.
So we decided to go to the spa instead. What a great decision! It made us feel so good we almost fell asleep in the relaxing chairs.
BabyLuv and I really enjoy the spa since we went a few years ago for the first time.

After stopping at Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte, we took a cab to our hotel.
The ride was very quick and we were there in no time. The young woman at the reception of the hotel was so friendly and cute. She tried her best to explain everything in English. She was really sweet.
We stayed at the Dorint An der Messe hotel, on the other side of the Rhine. We really liked our hotel room, it was spacious, with lots of light and air-conditioning/heating. It was clean and the beds were very comfortable. I'm not too keen on double beds because I love to cuddle but it seems there aren't many hotel that have real king/queen beds anymore.
BabyLuv checked the informations about the hotel: time for breakfast, possible restaurant, the spa services. I checked the possible ways to get to the concert hall.
We both ended up falling asleep after awhile: BabyLuv wasn't feeling 100% and I was getting seriously sick because of my allergies. (There's carpet all over the hotel.)
Before we left we had a quick snack.
Adventures  in Cologne began with my allergies striking pretty hard (I had to go the emergencies and wait until after the concert to get my asthma medecine but took a couple of pills to calm the symptoms) and we saw beautiful windows trying to look for something more sustainable to eat.
We didn't find anything unfortunately because the concert hall is situated in a industrial part of Cologne. We took some biscuits in a tiny shop.
I was so ready and excited to see Florence + The Machine live but I tried my best to stay calm because otherwise I knew my allergies would strike again. I don't remember who was the first part of the concert but the sound seemed nice.
We had a couple of drinks waiting for the show.
And finally, Florence + The Machine blew our mind terrifically.
I think I've never seen a concert so beautiful and emotionally, I was at my highest.
Thank you to Florence + The Machine for making my night so worth living.
We truly had a blast.

Since we arrived just before noon in Germany and that check-in at the hotel wasn't before 15:00, we decided that we would eat near the station. We were first surprised to find nothing open or nowhere to eat (I'm pretty sure now that we didn't look thoroughly enough). We went around a block and saw a restaurant we knew could only be part of a chain but we were too hungry and tired to look for something else. Plus some of the chains are not too bad (hem hem, Starbucks).
I loved the mexican inspired decoration, the tones were very welcoming and soft. The staff was friendly but they weren't many. The food wasn't the best and I can even say that we won't be going back if we can avoid it.
The mushroom soup was the worst I've ever tasted. I only took a spoon but couldn't eat it.
In Germany, they have different bread and sauce too but they're both very yummy and healthy. The corn and the ribs were okay. Peter said his burritos were too. I'm glad we were hungry though.
IMG_8422IMG_8427 IMG_8431

I watched American Dreamz last week and I was really sad by how disappointed it was. It was nothing like I imagined and I was so angry by the ridiculous clichés they made: it was like looking at a cliché movie from some already-clichéed situations.
What I disliked the most is how tasteless the whole story is: in fact, there's no real story and they made us feel stupid for watching it. I was so disappointed that one of my favorite actress/singer was playing the stupid cliché blonde girl who wanted nothing but win. To my opinion, the role wasn't made for her. though I loved her in the last scene of the movie.
Hugh Grant was himself, as usual, funny but clumsy. It was a good performance for him.
I know that it's an entertainment movie and that it's not supposed to be anything different, but I thought they'd put a little more in it, more things to think about, less clichés and more material. I don't know, I guess it was just a huge disappointment for me and I can't seem to feel any liking for it. I probably put my standards a bit too high for this kind of movie.

We went to get some breakfast in a foggy Ghent.
We didn't choose any of this...
But saw a old vintage rider!
We had a yummy artisanal breakfast:
Followed a few hours later by a filling delicious lunch:
BabyLuv was a little sick so we didn't get to enjoy the beautiful weather much.
After a little rest, we made an exquisite fruit salad:
We decided to go and say hi to BabyLuv's family and found a lovely Spring garden there.
We had a few chats with Mémée Rosa.
And went back to BabyLuv's parents...
To have some yummy light dinner.