This weekend I set a goal to myself: it was important for me to be able to make it on time and entirely complete it to prove to myself that I can really do it if I put my mind fully to it.

The task: IRONING!
I know it may sounds weird or maybe stupid for some but I'm a tiny bit very lazy person when it comes to get things done at home and one of the chores I leave to the last minute is ironing. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it takes so much time and I'd rather do something else, to tell you the truth.
I had this batch below and a loaded basket (around 50-60 pieces). Only my clothes (that's why I never have anything to wear).

I completed the first batch on Saturday afternoon while BabyLuv was out for his boys weekend. It took me two movies (He's not that into you and ... Oops! I don't remember the other one).
Today I started with the basket filled with Summer clothes (yep, I'm that lazy!). It took me two movies too: Julie & Julia + Nights in Rodanthe that I'll talk about in movie posts later next month.
I know now why I left so many Summer clothes: they're so annoying to iron! Aaah!
When I saw the basket empty, I was so relieved and happy but mostly proud of what I accomplished: I did it! I did it! I achieved my goal, on time and COMPLETELY! I couldn't be happier. Seeing my closet so full of clothes made me realize how much I have too. I didn't know I had so many clothes. A few that I ironed today are too small and I'll probably do some sort of blog yard sale. Maybe.
I think crossing this line that had been on every single lists I've ever written was the most amazing part. I can finally set up my reminder to once a week and not once a day, because to be honest, it's not like I'll never have to iron again! *wink*

Last night was full of love for you: I was holding you, I was feeding you, I was looking at you, I was loving you with all my heart. You have no idea how much love I already have for you.

That dream was so full of beautiful moments, I felt like it was real. When are you coming to me, baby? When are you going to let me show you the love I have for you?

I promise you I'm trying to be patient but I just can't wait until you're created and make me the happiest mommy on Earth.
wanted: bébé 2

Last night I finally plugged in my Bamboo Wacom and played around with it. It takes some time to get used to it but when you have it, the fun begins! I wrote many things on one of the pages of the Bamboo Paper, just trying out my handwriting (which still needs more practice) and then I drew an image I had Monday night while I was falling asleep.
It was so much fun trying to memorize the details of my thoughts.
Page 2Page 4

Today, BabyLuv decided to make his deeeelicious soup again! You can say I was the happiest girl! I really love when he cooks the things I love, especially when it's his homemade recipe. The soup was a bit different but didn't taste any less good. I think he has a secret he's not telling me, but I love this, it makes me want to kiss him over and over again. I LOVE HIM!
UntitledBabyLuv's soupBabyLuv's soup
BabyLuv's soup

Emi gave us a gift card on Thanksgiving for a homemade brownie.
BabyLuv and I LOVE chocolate and everything that is homemade, so Emi's gift was just perfect. We set a date on a lazy Saturday to go to her place and as soon as we arrived we could smell the delicious smell of cooking brownie. That was heaven already!
Emi also made some vanilla ice-cream. I just couldn't believe how good she was treating us: vanilla ice-cream is my very favorite!

Thank you so much Emi, for having us and preparing us one of the best homemade brownie we've ever had.
Doesn't it look appetizing?

I don't really know if I'm a religious person yet. It has been pretty difficult for me to find my way in this department. I've been "raised" catholic but I am so disappointed with what they're standing for and what's happening.

I found a beautiful hope in the Christian Scientist Church in 2002 and it still gives me courage and kindness.

Why am I saying this, you'd ask.

Lately I've been trying to "reach" God to ask Him to give me the opportunity to be a Mom.  I don't know, maybe it's because I'm following people on the interweb who have such a passionate faith. Maybe it's because I'm getting desperate.
The only thing I know is that I'm waiting for His answer. No, I'm not, actually. I'm waiting for some positive hope and maybe a tiny sign that everything will be alright because I know He can't answer me. I just want to be a Mom.


BabyLuv made the most delicious soup I've ever eaten. Seriously it was an orgasme culinaire as we say in French. The ingredients were so good together and the spices just the right amount. I'm already begging him to make some more.

I noticed that he becomes better and better at cooking and he really has a good sense of great tastes. He cooks often and I always tell him how good it is.
I'm so grateful I have my own private chef!

Today we wanted to make a special fresh and filled-with-vitamins meal since BabyLuv is sick: BabyLuv cut two carrots in little pieces and added some benedicta ; I cut two tomatoes and added a bag of mozzarella balls + basilicum and olive oil. We had a little piece of meat and some sautéed potatoes.
Colorful DinnerColorful DinnerColorful Dinner
Here's the result: it was absolutely delicious and a treat to the eyes!
Colorful Dinner

Hier soir j'ai enfin vu Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre. Je ne suis pas sûre d'avoir vu le premier film en y pensant bien. Je vais devoir l'enregistrer quand il passera de nouveau à la télé.
Celui-ci ne m'a pas plu mais ne m'a pas déplu non plus. Je connaissais déjà l'histoire, ayant lu la B.D. et je pense qu'il y ont été assez fidèle.
J'ai beaucoup aimé les décors et les costumes (de Cléopâtre et de ses courtisanes surtout) et j'ai beaucoup aimé le jeu entre les acteurs.
Ce que j'ai moins aimé, c'est le caractère un peu arrogant qu'ils ont donné à Astérix: je trouve que ça ne sonne pas très vrai par rapport à la B.D. parce que je ne le voyais pas comme ça, mais c'est peut-être son caractère.
C'était un bon divertissement, sans plus.

I tried to make some carrés (means "square") today. I have to admit, I need some practice: I put too much inside the dough and it overflew, it was somehow tasteless or too sweet. For the savory carrés, I used minced beef and brocoli + caraway. For the sweet carrés, I put a half banana and a half kiwi + apricot coulis & icing.
The savory carrés were very good in taste but needed a bit more spices.
The sweet carrés were too full and sugary and not so good looking. 
I'll definitely want to try again. BabyLuv didn't like it so much, but I think with the right ingredients and spices, it'll grow on him. Also we both liked the savory version best.


Peter et moi adorons le flan. C'est un de nos desserts préférés lorsque nous sommes en vacances.

Hier il y avait une action dans notre supermarché: si on achète une pâte herta et un mélange préparé herta, on reçoit un plat à tarte. Alors comme je n'avais encore jamais essayé leur flan, je me suis dit que c'était l'occasion.

Mon avis : c'est bon ! Mais...
Ce n'est pas le meilleur flan que j'aie mangé. Le meilleur se trouve, bien sûr en boulangerie-pâtisserie ou bien chez ma Maman.
J'en étais lassée assez vite, je conseille de préparer un flan seulement si vous avez des invités ou alors de mettre des fruits dedans pour le rendre plus varié.
Je vais quand même essayer de faire un flan moi-même, ce n'est pas trop compliqué et je ferai certainement une petite variante pour ajouter un peu de fantaisie.

J'ai d'abord posé la pâte dans le moule et j'ai coupé les morceaux qui dépassaient. J'ai ensuite mélangé la base de flan avec 500ml de lait (sans-lactose). C'est très rapide!
Si on veut que le flan soit plus épais, on met moins de lait.
J'ai versé le mélange dans le plat.
(Attention, c'est un peu juste : je conseille de mettre moins de lait ! )
Et voilà le résultat !
Bonne dégustation!