Day 28: Do you dream? What do you dream about?

I actually dream a lot.

Most of the time it comes from the book I've read, the movie I've seen before bed or how my day went but all mixed together in an absurd but wonderful way.
Sometimes those dreams would be fantasy turning into thriller turning into romance turning into something that could be real. And it often freaks me out when it involves people I know in real life because most of the time, it looks like a thriller than a romance.
I'm pretty sure some of my dreams could make a great book or movie. hahaha


Day 25: What did you want to do when you grew up?

I think I was around 2 when I decided I wanted to be "wrapping paper" when I grew up. I told my Mom I wanted to be "wrapping paper" because people were always happy when they teared it off to discover their presents.

When I was older I started to want to be a teacher. The teaching subject often changed but the teaching part didn't. I'm glad I'm doing it now.


Today BabyLuv and I went out for lunch with Emi and I wanted to finish on a sweet note so after taking a little walk around town, we headed to MAX, where you're supposed to eat the most delicious waffles of Ghent.


Even though I enjoyed being with my two best friends, I have to say that I was not impressed by the waffle. I was kinda disappointed to tell you the truth: it didn't really taste anything and this kind of sugar is not really my favorite. I was actually more impressed byt the new 'sheep house' and the decoration of the restaurant.




Emi got a new hair cut and it looks so lovely. I love how it's new and trendy and different.
Peter actually had his hair done too. Now it's my turn...



Day 20:  Concerts you’ve attended.

Muse (x3)
Tom McRae
Rufus Wainwright (x3)
The Plain White T's
Britney Spears (x2)
The Kooks
School is Cool
De Mens
Absynthe Minded
Colbie Caillat
De Kruiners
Kings of Leon
Maroon 5
Good Charlotte
Nada Surf
Das Pop
Kaiser Chiefs (x3)
My Chemical Romance
Florence + The Machine
Regina Spektor
David Gray
KT Tunstall
Girls in Hawaii (x2)
Arsenal (x3)
Freeky Age
The Black Box Revelation
The Streets
The Magic Numbers
Scissor Sisters
Franz Ferdinand
Keane (x3)
Air Traffic

Day 17:  What do you want to be when you get older?

I guess, now that I'm actually older, I want to be better at what I'm doing. But not only in my job, also in my everyday life: I feel like I need to think more about how I want my life to turn into and how I want to be remembered and such.

I've actually changed a good deal of bad habits and I'm more organised and I'm still working on every aspect I wanna improve in my life but I can feel the change and it does feel good. I also see it in the eyes of BabyLuv: he sees it too and he's happy that I finally realised how important it was to me, not to the others.

Let's say that what I want to be when I'm older is a mother, let's wish I'll be a good one.


Day 16:  If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on Earth?

I'll definitely want to spend the remaining time with the ones I love, especially him.
I'll take pictures of our last day and burry them in a box somewhere safe so someone extraterrestrial could find it and see how happy we were.
I'll eat my favorite food until my stomach aches, I'll dance with my nieces and I'll make jokes with my brothers and sisters and I'll talk with my mom and step-dad and I'll have some dinner with my bestest friends.
And I'll shed no tears because the last day on Earth would be the best day I'd ever spend.

Day 9:  Pet Peeves:

  • No blinkers when you need to make a turn.
  • Boys/men who think they can treat a girl like sh#t.
  • Not picking your dog's poop up on the sidewalks.
  • Throwing your chewing-gum on the streets or anywhere other than in a trash can.
  • In fact throwing anything anywhere other than in a trash can.
  • People deliberately making noises during movies.
  • Guys who don't put the toilet seat back down.
  • Tailgaters.
  • Walking into spider webs.

Day 7:  Do you read?  What are your favorite books?

I read a lot. At least I used to read really a lot when I was a child. I used to lose myself in books and create my own stories in my dreams. I still have all the books from my childhood and I cherish them all. But then studies and love took over and I didn't read as much, until this year. I've read 10 books so far in 2012 and I'm so happy about it. Reading really gives me a feeling of freedom, imagination, creativity and achievement.

My favorite books are almost all the books I've read so far. I do choose them pretty carefully. But I think I'll go with The Help, The Secret Garden and The Hunger Games trilogy this year.

Day 6:  What band or musician is most important to you?

At first I wanted to say MUSE. But I don't think they're my favorite band anymore, though I still like what they do.

I think Adele, P!nk and Katie Perry are artists who influence me the most in my everyday life and as a person in general. The lyrics of their songs always touch me in such a powerful and intense way that I realise that they are just like me: people who want to live and make the best out of it.

Day 4:  The meaning behind your blog name.

I called my blog of nothing and everything because it actually talks about nothing and everything. This is a blog I want to fill with good memories, experiences, moods, music & movies, love & friendship. This is a blog to document the way I live my life, the way I feel, the way I sense pain or passion, the way I understand the world around me.

This is a blog about me.

Day 3:  Your day in great detail.

The day started with a pretty bad headache. So when BabyLuv got up after cuddling with me, I did too to get a painkiller that would help me sleep a bit longer.

BabyLuv left for work and I kissed him before he got in the elevator and wished him a good day. When he got out of the garage and turned to get to work, I waved him goodbye from the balcony and he did the same. It's kind of our morning ritual.

Then I went back to bed. I didn't sleep so well because I kept thinking about many non-important stuff. I got up around 9. I prepared myself and my bags to go to work. Today I went to a company to give the first lesson. I did some shopping at the same company's grocery store and talked about it with my student (kind of a role play).

Then I went to exchange something but ended up getting the money back instead (great!). I also went to the library to find a book but since they didn't have it, I bought others instead. I just can't go in a library and leave empty handed.


Then I went home to eat lunch, I had noodles with lactose-free milk and yet another painkiller in juice and I looked through the Instagram feed.

I went to my next lesson which was at the school. I taught for half and hour and then went back home, took a shower and went to the doctor. I was very lucky that the wait and appointment didn't last too long. Before I went home, I did some more grocery since I forgot a few things and also wanted to try a product from my second student's company.

BabyLuv was already at home, we talked about the appointment and laughed and cuddled and kissed and he started dinner (Chinese left over). We ate with appetite and then went on fb together so I could show him all the nice comments about our anniversary. He then went and watched his favorite football (soccer) team play while I went on the computer to listen to some music and write this.

I also called my Mom and I love hearing her voice. And now I think I'll go to bed and read. BabyLuv is already sleeping on the couch, the day was hard. 'night!

Day 1:  Write some basic things about yourself.


My name is Patricia, I'm 30 and I'm very much in love with my best friend.

I'm a French teacher for adults mostly, but occasionally for children. I love my job and I love meeting so many different people all year round and learn about them and their jobs and how this country works a bit. I'm French but live in Belgium, a very complicated country.

Living in another country made me realize how much family is important to me: I'm the third of 7 children and I'm so proud to have all of them as brothers and sisters.
My Mom is my hero, she kept her chin up through really hard times and through all of our teen crises. She raised us to be polite, kind and generous and I'm proud to say that she's raised us all well. I hope I'll be half a good mother as she is to us. At 30, I can say I'm an adult and ready for the next steps in my life. I can't wait to see our future enfolds and I can't wait to start my own family with him.

What I love doing the most is photography, home decoration and talk with my friends. All three of them fill my heart with joy and I always look forward to do either one of them. I also love writing on my blog, going through beautiful things on tumblr and read books for fun. I started a challenge to read 12 books this year, I'm almost there!

challenge found here.