I still can't quite believe I rode a bike for 19 kms. It feels more like mission impossible to me than anything else. But I did it. We did it! P. was such a great supporter and so patient even though I could tell he wanted to just go and enjoy the ride.

I think this marks the changes I was trying to have since I turned 30 last July. I'm finally trying and actually doing something to see a real change.
I've been going to the swimming pool with my friend, Jolein, but it's been on and off because the lessons were not planned every week.

I hope this journey will bring even more great moments and that I'll be able to say, I LOST weight. I can't wait, I'll feel amazing and I'll be the happiest.



The 2nd movie of The Hunger Games Trilogy is coming out at the end of the year.

I've been watching the trailer and teasers for a week now and can't stop the tears coming up my eyes, the emotions taking over and the pain hurting my heart. The book series moved me so much that I can't stop feeling sad and desperate and genuinely sorry for them, it's like I feel their pain and it's kind of like it's all real.

I think that it hurts so much because I know it could happen: this isn't only some sort of amazing creative writing, it's based on the deep acknowledgment of people's behaviors towards threat and power. It's about the bad (and the worst) in people, it's about how humanity is ready to sacrifice innocent victims like the one in Boston this week.
But it's also about the good (and the best) in people: how they'd go out of their way to save thousands and how selfless one can be when facing danger.

I really want to believe in the good in people, but sometimes, I really can't. But I will  keep in mind the kindness...

I finally got around to take a picture an hour for a whole day. I'm not really good at project and often never finishes any but I tried my best for this one and it went pretty well. I might do it again.

06:53 morning light
07:36 P. going to work
08:49 answering a mournful emailapictureanhour03042013-08h49
09:56 breakfast
11:25 Ellen, the best pick-me-upapictureanhour03042013-11h25
13:05 lunch (which i actually didn't eat...)apictureanhour03042013-13h05
14:22 being inspiredapictureanhour03042013-14h22
14:43 ironing time
15:46 laundryapictureanhour03042013-15h46
16:52 going grocery shoppingapictureanhour03042013-16h52
17:23 fresh groceries
18:37 dryingapictureanhour03042013-18h37
19:21 fun lessonapictureanhour03042013-19h21
20:16 forgotten stickerapictureanhour03042013-20h16
21:10 getting homeapictureanhour03042013-21h10
21:32 dinnerapictureanhour03042013-21h32
22:00 his relaxing time
23:10 off to bed