The sun has finally decided to join us!
Ok we're almost in June, but better late than never, don't you think?


I can't wait for barbecues, picnics and bike rides.
I can't wait for our Summer vacations and seeing my nieces.
I can't wait for Ghent festivities and drinking something on the pubs' terrasse.
I can't wait for dinner à deux on our balcony and long evening walks.
Oh and birthdays...

Two weeks ago, in the spurge of a moment, Peter and I decided to go on a ride bike before doing the grocery shopping. What an adventure it was, we found a new lovely park (that we actually knew but never thought it was that huge) and met friendly sheep.

Today we did the same thing because we really wanted to enjoy the good weather while it was lasted and met a family duck (they were really funny).

more pictures to come

Aaand we met the sheep and their owner as well. My goodness, these sheep are totally amazing! We probably stayed with them for about half an hour, cuddling and scrubbing the back of the friendliest one. So much love going on there! I love seeing animals and sheep are some of the kindest ones. It makes me miss living in the countryside but if I get to see them every week, I'll be the happiest city girl!

those wildest ones scrubbed their back on the benches and trash can, so funny

We finally got ourself a pet.
We went to the market yesterday morning and I fell in love with a tiny little brown and white-spotted guinea pig. There were two different kinds but this one got all my attention. It was so sweet with its little spot on the head and it was friendly and calm.

Maybe too calm for its own good: unfortunately, it wasn't well and passed away during the night. We only had it for a day. We're very sad and were already very attached because it was the cutest little guinea pig. We might get another one next week at the same market but this time, I'll ask a bit more about where they come from.
We introduced it to Mémée Rosa (who wasn't a big fan because she thought it was a rat) and we played with it. I put it in Peter's parents garden for a little while but it didn't move so much there. It was probably already sick. I don't know. I only know that we didn't give it any bad food to eat (I checked).
It's so sad to see a little life go away like this. I hope it knew we already loved it.

Lately I've been rushing through my thoughts and my chores and gone to work and back home and I haven't taken the time to just stop for a minute and enjoy the moment. I've been feeling like everything around me was a constant rush to do urgent stuff and that I needed to keep my mind busy to be sure not to fall into sad thoughts.
I've just watched this video where Ellen talks about a snail and it hit home. I'm grateful for her words and for all the good and positive attitude she shows towards her public. I'm grateful I took the time to watch this video and that it made me slow down, even for a little moment.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there!


Here is Belgium, we celebrate Mother's Day the same day as in the US.
We went to Peter's parents and the weather was very very lovely. Since I had my swimming lesson during lunch time, we couldn't go to the restaurant with them but they brought some take-away and it was so delicious (eels + fries).

Peter's mom was happy to see us and we gave her a lovely big orchid and a card + card for her retirement. I also had some keychain made with our picture on it and we told her it was for their new house. She was very happy.

She bought two cakes and the strawberry one was so beautiful. I didn't get to eat any because I was too full from lunch but had a little piece of the rice pudding one.
We also saw the grandmas and we went to see the new house so that they could see how and where it was. Mémée Rosa was a bit confused but I guess it's normal as her age. Mémée Alphonsa thought it was way to big (which is true but it's great if they want to organise family gatherings there).

photo 2


Peter's mom and her mom at the new house

I went to the gynecologist yesterday.

Apparently, I'm being resistant to the Clomid. It happens when you have PCOS: my ovaries wall became harder and thicker and it means the follicles can't get out. We saw them, they're numerous, waiting patiently...

I haven't had my period since early March. I'm not complaining, but it usually means that there's something wrong so it never reassures me when they don't come.

She gave me something to first get my periods before starting on Clomid again, this time a bit stronger.
She also told me that if that didn't work, I'll have to have an operation to make little holes in the wall of the ovaries to help the follicles come out. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. I don't like going to the hospital. But, it's not for now and we're just hoping that the Clomid will have an effect this time around. She also prescribeGlucophage to help the Clomid work, she says it's usually for diabetic people but combined, it helped the Clomid action on the ovulation.

I also told the doctor that I'm going to see a nutritionist to help me with my weight problems. For three weeks now, I've been writing everything that I've been eating and I realised I've been snacking when I felt sad or alone or upset and this can't continue. Now I always have a bottle of water nearby and if I feel like snaking, I just drink some water or don't eat anything because of guilt. It's still in process but I think I'm getting there. Drinking water is something I've haven't done properly lately either. I use to drink a bottle a day (1L) and now I drink almost only during meals (not always water but ice-tea, juice, lactose-free milk). And I need to be more careful too.

I'm also going to swimming lessons since late March, will hopefully go twice a week (if I don't get bad reactions from the chlore...). P. and I tried to go play badminton again, but failed the last few weeks. I hope we'll go again tomorrow, if they're open or next week.
P. took me bike riding and I loved it so we'll try to do that during the weekend.
I think these three activities are enough since I'm out of shape and my physical condition is very poor.

I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic. It's not easy but I think writing will help a lot.


On Monday, I watched this movie.
The story is about a woman who loses her only child because of Malaria. She meets another mother who lost her child to it too. It's their battle against the first killer disease in the world.

I couldn't stop crying for a little while. You feel so powerless and so deceived and I think it can only take some great courage to try and fight this f*cking disease. The situation is bad. Malaria is a killer. I can't believe so many people (mostly children) die because of those stupid mosquitos. I've never like mosquitos before but now I sure do hate them. I knew it was bad but I didn't realize how bad.

"What a mother without a child can actually do."
"We spend every minute of our lives obsessed or angry about things that don't matter at all when I just stood in a room where children are allowed to die of a mosquito bite..."
"I'm not a politician. And I'm not gonna change the world. I'm just a Mom."

If you get a chance, please donate.