I haven't been home since April and it's been way too long for my heart not to see my family and dear friends since then (thank goodness for Skype).

I can't wait to be there and enjoy the perfect weather and see all of these familiar faces I love so much. I can't wait to see the beautiful landscapes and hear the beautiful noises of the nature there. I can't wait to laugh and talk with all my siblings and nieces and friends. I can't wait to take pictures of my ever changing nieces and baby sister. I can't wait to shoot this imaginative and fun pregnant friend and create lovely memories.

IMG_9460 copy

Home is such a beautiful word. 


I was a little afraid of 31.
But not as much as 30!
It feels encouraging and promising, somehow.
IMG_8115 (1)
Of course I wish Peter was there with me because he's my favourite person in the whole world but all the other people around me made my day feel so fun and worth celebrating.
I asked my students and colleagues at work and my family in-law during dinner to write me a little note in a diary I brought and to take a picture with me, it was so much fun. I'm going to print all the photos and stick them next to their messages. I'm lucky to know people from all around the world and so messages in different languages.
At work, I brought little raspberry and nectarine pies and they were a success.
Peter's parents surprised me: they were taking me to the restaurant and Peter's brother and his girlfriend were there too. It was so nice celebrating my birthday with them.
31 really feels nice and memorable. I hope more lovely surprises/changes are coming my way, I'm so ready for this year ahead!

It's funny how different this year is from last year when I was so anxious to be turning 30. It feels so strange and yet so normal, it feels like ageing doesn't matter anymore and that life is just happening and I'm enjoying it.

I feel calm and happy and my thoughts are:
  • This is nothing, I've done it 30 times already!
  • My most favourite person is not going to be there with me and it makes me very sad but I'll get over it and I know he'll make up for it.
  • I'm going to celebrate it with strangers and colleagues and I think it's going to be pretty awesome to be surrounded by good people.
  • My in-laws are the best: they're taking me to a restaurant I've been wanting to go back for a little while.
  • What am I going to wear tomorrow?
  • Yeah, I can sleep in a bit!
I do feel a little sad because Peter is away but I can't wait to see him and celebrate my birthday with him. He already got me a beautiful beeeautiful bouquet, I'm the luckiest!

Also a very, very happy birthday to my wonderful friend, Emily! I love you!