It was fun seeing this exposition in Brussels, though since it was so short, I think it is more for the pure amazement and amusement of children.
The animated dinosaurs looked so real and they were all made onto their actual real-life size. I think I would have been very very scared at that time on Earth, but it was fun discovering new dinosaurs and read about them too.
My favourite were the Ankylosaurus (neat little video) and the Protoceratops: they're so cute and funny looking…

I can finally say I finished a project! Hooray!

My 30 days photography challenge of September 2011 is finally all up. The pictures were there, just not on my blog.

It feels good to have something that is completed for once. I think I should put more effort into finishing the projects I start because it's so rewarding.

I'm going to print the pictures and put them in a little album and write about each image. I'll post a few pictures then.

I'm in a small room, all white and bright. It looks very comfortable and cozy but it's completely empty. I'm happy, I don't quite know why but the happiness radiates all around me, it makes me smile a bright smile and makes my eyes sparkle. I open the small closet by the door and see a baby mobile and baby sheets. Why are baby stuff in the closet? I close it and leaves the room. On the other room -our bedroom, I go to our bed. On the white bed linen, there is a tiny naked baby. Oh, he's so chubby and cute! I take baby in my arms and got to the green sofa next to the door to the small room. He's so precious! I carefully put baby on the little pale blue blanket that lays on the sofa. He's so tiny! Baby is very sleepy, but he stirs and I help him wake up with caresses and kisses...

Ring, ring, ring!

Back to reality. I want to scream and shout and cry. No no no, I want to be with my baby! It was just a dream. Yet another one. So intense and so real, somehow.